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K3 RGB Light Gaming Headset

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  The Onikuma K3 RGB Light Gaming Headset uses a lightweight durable metal frame with built in LED lights. Excellent sound quality with 4D surround sound effects and built with a...


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The Onikuma K3 RGB Light Gaming Headset uses a lightweight durable metal frame with built in LED lights. Excellent sound quality with 4D surround sound effects and built with a noise canceling anti-static flexible microphone. Memory foam ear and headband padding for maximum comfort. Great gaming headset designed for all types of gamers both new and professional. Wired Gaming Headset with braided cable that includes volume control with a gold plated 3.5mm plug Compatible with Xbox 1, PlayStation 4 and PC.



1.4D surrounded stereo sound, more wonderful sound enjoyment

2.Ergonomic design with noise cancelling earpad, comfortable wearing and clear sound

3.With cool RGB lights designed on the earcups, highlighting the atmosphere of the game

4.Adjustable microphone for convenient communication while gaming

5.与Xbox One,PS4,iPhone,iPad,笔记本电脑等兼容。















产品尺寸:8.00 x 17.00 x 20.00 cm / 3.15 x 6.69 x 7.87英寸


包装尺寸:10.60 x 20.00 x 22.60 cm / 4.17 x 7.87 x 8.9英寸






1 x英文手册

1 x 3.5mm插孔适配器


Customer Reviews

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Better bang for the buck.

As a new player to Call of duty black ops 4. I was looking for the cheapest most effective headset out there. Did I find it i the Onikuma's product. it has brought my game to a contender level in hardcore kill confirmed. In matches I can hear the footsteps of people around me awesome to creep on the enemy. Bad for campers good for experience.

Made my son very happy on his birthday

My son says they are comfy and he loves his much he can hear in the game - makes finding chests in houses so much easier in Fortnite. The only thing I though was deceiving was the lights only turn on when it's plugged in by USB- since he's using it for Xbox One and the cord for the USB on the headset is really short, he won't ever get to use this feature. Other than that he's really happy.

Stereo Gaming Headphones puts me more in the game!

My first gaming headphones feel very comfortable and sound is not too loud but that is just the way I like it. I don't need to blast my eardrums away. I feel like I'm more involved in playing games with these headphones.

High quality

10/10 would recommend

Does the Job...

I have been using my Bose stereo headset with my PS4 pro for over a year. The Bose has great sound, however if I want to play online with friends I need a mic which the regualar stereo head set doesn't have. I read reviews looking for a set specific to the PS4, and really liked the Onikuma set I found, for the price I could afford. After a month of using Onikuma K6 there are a couple of things I've discovered that I'm not 100% fond of:1. This set is really designed for PC play rather then console. With PS4 the headset jack is on the game controller, which makes it impossible to use the USB for the LED lights, which needs to be plugged into the console. The USB and the 3.5mm jack share the same cord and cord length so for PS4 it becomes a choice between one or the other. Not that that's a make or break, but as it is a feature of the product it would be cool to use.2. I have a small head and even adjusting the ear muffs to their shortest length the headset is still a bit big, not fitting comfortable over my ears. As a result I am unable to play for long periods of time without the set feeling heavy. To get the headset to fit okay I wear it over a baseball cap.Overall this is a good product for the price. It has great sound, and the mic appears to be clear (no one has complained they can't hear me). Just not 100% PS4 compatible, or fit friendly for smaller heads.