Onikuma K10 Series – A Vibrant New Era of Gaming

by Onikuma Gaming on March 19, 2020
Discover your ultimate gaming companion – Onikuma K10 SeriesFrom the K10’s vibrant, aesthetic design to its impenetrable build quality and unbeatable surround sound immersion – its gorgeously radiant RGB lighting impresses gamers of all backgrounds and even encourages unexperienced gamers to give the K10 a try! 
Read on to explore the cutting-edge features of the K10 that make it a top tier pick for any gamer. 

Deeply Immersive Audio 

The most important factor for many people when considering a new audio device is the sound quality. Of course, you’ll want to be able to hear what’s going on in-game as quickly and clearly as possible, so you can react accordingly. 
From 50mm ultra-precision drivers, to noise cancellation technology, to immersive 7.1 Surround Sound – Onikuma K10 has it all. 

Contemporary Ergonomic Design 

Play with power and passion. Onikuma headsets are built from only the sturdiest, most comfortable materials. Breathable leather protein earmuffs and adjustable headband ensure that the K10 fits snug on your head every time. 
The K10 is especially sleek from a sideview of the player who’s immersed in their gaming experience. 

Relentless Durability 

If you’re searching for a reliable, unstoppable force – look no further. 
Not only does it look and feel great – the K10 is also equipped with impeccable endurance. Due to being composed almost entirely of ABS plastic, it easily withstands bumps, twists, falls, and any other kinds of mishaps. 

Universal Compatibility – Connect to Any Device, Anywhere 

Maximize your game time with the K10’s multi-platform compatibility. From PCs and laptops, to docked and handheld consoles, to mobile devices, the Onikuma K10 accompanies you wherever your journey leads. 

Incredible RGB Lighting Experience 

The Onikuma K10 is made to be as expressive and passionate as the gamer wearing it – RGB lighting highlights the coolest features of the design so that you can game with confidence and vigor. 
Which feature of the Onikuma K10 is most important in your view?  
Which of the K10’s RGB colors is your favorite?  
Post a comment to let us know what you think! 
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by Caridad Muniz on July 02, 2020

The mic is not working for a Nintendo Switch. Is it compatible?

by Emmanuel Reynoso on June 06, 2020

Recently Purchased the K10 via amazon and I’m super excited to try them out as soon as I get home. I want to write and record a very detailed review of this head set and upload it on YouTube or Instagram. I will mainly be using these for PS4 & PC. I do work from home so I will also be using them during conference calls and company presentations. Would love to eventually become an ambassador for this brand as I’ve studied up on the reviews and ONIKUMA products are listed as very promising.

by Hector Urquiola on May 31, 2020

Sorry to leave this message here but got not any additional idea:
Have items in my Cart for days trying to complete my order. Neither PayPal or CC goes through. I emailed you like three times with no answer at all. How can I contact you?

by daniboy xl on May 15, 2020

Estoy pensando en comprarles directamente en su tienda los k10, pero no sé si me los enviarán correctamente, i am from Mexico

by Aayush on April 07, 2020

I have the k10pro but the surround isnt a option in the windows settings, please help

by Jeremy on March 30, 2020

I found your headsets on amazon and bought one and I am super impressed I can hear everything which is great

by Thiago Dutra barbosa on March 27, 2020

I want a headset to chat with my friends

by Christian Barahona on March 24, 2020


by Brendin triolo on March 23, 2020

I heard lots of positive things about your company and currently using a cheaply made headset and would love to try yours out

by David Castillo on March 22, 2020

I heard your headsets are the best really wanna pair because I broke mine and want to get your brand

by Jeremiah on March 22, 2020

Gaming headphones is nice because you get to talk to your friends

by Jorge reyes on March 21, 2020

Onikuma has the best accesible quality headphones. I got them as a gift and now every person on my clan has them because I recommended them

by Jorge reyes on March 21, 2020

Onikuma has the best accesible quality headphones. I got them as a gift and now every person on my clan has them because I recommended them