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This Headset Is Great For More Than Just Gaming

This Headset Is Great For More Than Just Gaming

I don’t consider myself much of a gamer, so I’ve never owned a gaming headset. That was until I got this ONIKUMA headset last week. Ever since, these have become my all-purpose headphones. The memory foam earcups are so comfortable, I’ve worn them 8+ hours every day at work and all but forgot they were even on my head. And even though I got LASIK surgery two years ago, sometimes I wear glasses to blot out the blue light from my computer screen. 

There are so many positive things I can say about these. The noise-cancelling microphone works great – I’ve been using it for Rosetta Stone and it easily picks up my Chinese intonation without getting any background noise. And I’ve received many, many compliments at work for how cool these look! And don’t let me forget to rave about the sound quality. With a 50mm diver, 16 Ohm impedance, 114dB +/- 3 dB at 1KHz sensitivity and 20HZ-20KHz frequency range, these create a truly immersive experience, whether you are gaming, listening to music, or watching a Netflix movie.

This headset comes with an adapter to suit nearly any device or gaming console. I am not the only one thrilled with this headset. It has garnered nearly 800 five-star reviews from happy customers. For example, Steven V. Bondietti wrote, “Great Value, Great Headset!”:
I’ve been gaming for the last 15 years and never once did I think to purchase a headset. I’ve only stuck to those that were packed in with my consoles (cheap, I know.) The high prices of Turtle beaches and the like always turned me off of purchasing one. That was until I saw these. 27.99? Can’t go wrong with that. Most would assume that the cheaper the price, the cheaper the quality… Well thats the exact opposite with these.
First off these are comfortable as hell. They fit perfectly over my ears, cutting off 90% of the sounds around me and they just feel so good around my ears.They don’t feel sore after long sessions either.
The audio quality is perfect. Whether its a youtube video or the sounds of war in Battlefield 1, everything sounds crystal clear. Most importantly the bass is booming! The volume control is easy to use and percise.
As a added bonus it comes with multiple adapters for other consoles and the like. These headsets are compatible with Xbox one, Ps4, Switch and gaming PCs.
I could not be happier with this headset. Comfortable, precise and high quality. What more could you ask for? Especially for the price. Great Product!

Mark, an Amazon top contributor, wrote: “Great quality, great price”:
I’ve had this headset for a few days now, and I’m shocked at how great it is considering the price. It’s been a while since I’ve bought a headset and I recall them being more in the $50 range or so, but this one is very affordable and boasts connection adapters, quality 5.1, great bass effects, etc. I literally just plug it right in and it works. I don’t have to select any special settings to make it shift to the headset either, which I sometimes have to do. Overall I’m very pleased with this product.

David Mortenson wrote, “Comfortable, stylish, great sound, and they even work if you wear glasses!”:
I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical about buying headphones of any sort. I wear glasses, and I’ve usually found that over-the-ear headphones are really painful after a while. As such, I usually default to earbuds, which allow me to listen to music for longer periods of time.
However, I saw these headphones and figured I’d give them a try. And you know what? They’re really comfortable, even with glasses on! I have them extended, so that they aren’t pulling up on my ears at all (so they’re just resting on my head and over my ears), and they’re very comfortable?
That’s all well and good, but what about the audio quality and everything else? Well, I was confused at first because they seemed much quieter than my earbuds. But that’s natural – these require more power and signal in the same way that speakers require more signal. The cool thing about these headphones is that there’s a little volume partway down the cable (next to the switch that turns the microphone on and off), so you can adjust the volume on the fly without messing with your computer settings. I highly recommend turning your computer volume all the way up, and then turning the headphone volume down to where you want it.
The sound itself is really, really good! Of course, these don’t sound like thousand-dollar headphones, so if you are a true audiophile, these probably won’t cut it. But even so, I really like the sound of these headphones! The mids and highs are clear, the bass isn’t muddy, and everything is nicely balanced and pleasing to the ear! They work really well for listening to music!
Of course, these are gaming headphones, so how do they hold up in that regard? First of all, the look is fantastic! These headphones just look cool! They’re fairly durable, too! Of course, the outer shell is plastic, making it lighter, so they’ll hold up just fine unless you go out of your way to inflict damage. The padding around the ears is super comfy, as is the padding on the top, so they work really well for just about anyone, even if you wear glasses! The microphone is not obtrusive – it’s out of the way and yet can still pick up the voice just fine. Of course, it’s no studio condenser mic, but that’s not what you need for a headset like this – for what this is designed for, it works amazingly well! And the lights on the sides and microphone are an added bonus!
Do I have any complaints? I mean, I can nitpick and say that the microphone is only on the left side, or I could say that the headphones don’t fold up or won’t survive being thrown in an oven for an hour (not that I tried this), but those are very minor details. All in all, I’m very satisfied with these headphones!

Anzel weighs in, “This is the BEST headset I have ever had”:
This is the BEST headset I have ever had! I love this headset so much and I’m so glad that I got it. I use to wear the hook earbuds that put my ears in pain and so uncomfortable! But the second I got this ONIKUMA Gaming Headset? It has changed my life man. My ears no longer hurt anymore, the headset is very comfortable and easier to put on and take off anytime I want. I will never buy hook earbuds every again just a waste of money. I’m using ONIKUMA Headsets from now on. Plus with it being bulky, strong and the long thick wire? You just don’t have to worry about it breaking easily like other headphones and earbuds. I know I’ll be using this headset for a long time. The ONIKUMA is a MUST have for any beginner gamer, or person who is just getting into live streaming. Well worth the money!

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4 thoughts on “This Headset Is Great For More Than Just Gaming

  1. avatar Kimberly Speciale says:

    I use this headset at work, in a busy, LOUD call center. It cancels out all the outside noise and helps me to hear my customers far better than the flimsy cheap headsets that my company provides! All my co-workers want my headset, and I’ve referred them all to your website to get a pair of their own.

  2. avatar Wyatt Moss says:

    These headphones are great

  3. avatar John Edgar says:

    I have been raising my gaming through speed, NVIDA graphics upgrades, Corsair keyboards and sure with headphones. I got my K5’s from ONIKUMA today and immediately purchased the new Dolby Access. After watching some trailers and intros I found out just how much good, quality audio can improve the dimensional reality of the whole process. I tell you I WAS BLOWN AWAY when I heard the sounds travel through my brain as the avatar walked through a scene. I have found a new companion to take with me through my gaming and music video/movie experiences.

    When I trade these K5 High’s in with duck tape, and miles of wear showing on them, I will be coming back to ONIKUMA for their latest and greatest headphones again. I give them a 5+++ out of 5 and truly believe you cant find a better quality for the price anywhere! The 7.1 surround sound and the looks got me to try them. I am certain you will not regret your purchase either.


  4. avatar John Edgar says:

    I have been raising my gaming and audio immersion for years. I purchased the K5

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