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Onikuma K5 gaming headsets for PS4, Mac and PC that are versatile and affordable for everyone

The Onikuma K5 are headphones for gaming with microphone and noise cancellation technology: they are ideal for playing at Fortnite or all cooperative games where you need dialogue on both PS4 and PC, Mac and console more or less portable.

Are you looking for headphones to play Fortnite or your favorite? Then give a chance to Onikuma K5, proposals on Amazon at an attractive price and among the most appreciated by those who have already purchased.

These headphones are virtually universal: they can be connected to the PS4, an Xbox One (the adapter is not included), the new Nintendo Switch or any computer via USB or 3.5mm audio jack, without of course forgetting iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android devices with included adapters.

They promise an immersive gaming experience thanks to 50mm drivers with 16 Ohm impedance, 114 dB at maximum volume and a frequency between 20 Hz and 20 KHz. The integrated technology is able to trace the direction in which the sounds come, perfectly splitting the left earphone from the right one, with a surround in the video games and therefore quite realistic.

They incorporate an easily positioned microphone for the best voice capture with noise canceling technology, ideal for ensuring clean audio capture without background noise. The headphones are of the over-ear type, thus perfectly accepting the ears without tiring them.

The headphones weigh a total of 331 grams, are therefore quite light despite the robust structure (PVC with copper core), without so weighing down the neck during long sessions of play.

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